Freelance Artist

I specialize in hand-drawn and digital art, with a penchant for the dark side.  I do work by commission and I’m accepting new clients.  I enjoy working with my clients to give them exactly the image they’re dreaming of.

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Carpe Nocturne Magazine

Freelance Writer

I write for Carpe Nocturne Magazine, a digital magazine that focuses on “the new dark culture,” including music, art, fashion and Goth culture.  I write album and book reviews, and am compiling band interviews for future publication.

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Timely Turnaround

I try to get art pieces done quickly. I don’t like to make people wait. I’ll give you an estimate of time required for your request, and I’ll try really hard to stick to it.

Innovative Imagery

I love coming up with unique imagery. Tell me what you want and I can find a way to make it look as creepy, crazy, or beautiful as you desire.

Digital if Desired

I can send you the image files for your piece for no additional fee, or we can work together to find a printing and shipping solution that fits your budget.

Clear Communication

I’m a California native and a good listener. I will make sure I understand what you want, so I can give you the final result you desire. I’m only happy when you’re happy.

Don’t Worry — I Won’t Bite

I love making dark, creepy art.  You could say it’s my passion.  But what I’m more interested in is giving my clients images they’re proud to display. I will do everything in my power to shatter your expectations.  I half-ass nothing.  I only produce work I’m proud of, so you can be proud of it, too.

  • Your Idea 55%
  • My Distinctive Taste 45%
  • Attention to Your Needs 100%

Here’s What People Are Saying…

Please take a moment to check out the new website of Anthony McCracken, the artist who is doing the artwork for the new Chaos album for me. He is very talented, and am very excited to be working with him. An excerpt of his artwork for the Chaos album will debut in the Sonik Foundry 2-page ad in the fall issue of Carpe Nocturne magazine.
Chaos LP update: The album art for the new Chaos album is coming along excellently! Sketch artist Anthony McCracken has been awarded the task of creating the art for the new album and let me tell you, it’s sick! Anthony is one hell of a talented artist. wait till you see this thing!

Nik, Sonik Foundry

Sonik Foundry cover art by Anthony McCracken

This is amazing Anthony!!! I love it so much. I’ve been wanting to add more flowers to my tattoo and I’m going to use these for them because they are amazing! I love the color scheme it’s so girly and bright. Very feminine for you! You usually are very dark and I just saw the softer sweeter side of your art. You are amazing and very talented. Thank you so much.


Anthony, it is been such a pleasure working with you. I will recommend you to everyone I know who is looking for a terrific artist. Thank you again for a great experience!

Terri Hearne

That is beyond incredible! Thank you so so so much!!


All thanks to Anthony McCracken. Man has some skills.  Looks too good!


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